Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico Gallery


This is a short pick of photos from our 3 weeks visiting the Yucatán Peninsula of south-eastern Mexico, an area known for its beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, Mayan ruins and world-class snorkeling/diving!


After disappointments with Cancun, we were elated to arrive in Playa Del Carmen and find a vibrant beach life not one block from the main bus terminal  — and to find this awaiting us.


In Playa we stayed a 30 minute walk from the downtown tourist area – whilst this did mean a long walk to the beach, being the only Gringos in a 25 minute walking radius gave us access to cheaper meals. Behind me on the wall the Tacos are being offered for 50 US cents, a bargain compared to downtown Playa.


Cheers to Mexico for letting us swim up close with Green Sea Turtles at Akumal Beach! So good we did it twice. (What you see isn’t the work of some fancy Instagram filter but rather the quality of our excellent excellent underwater camera – we got to relive the glory days of photography with a disposable underwater camera and film).


One friday night we went to Coco Bongo — this half club-half show loved by the people of TripAdvisor — made famous by it’s bigger brother in Cancun. The place claims to be a show but for the most part nothing happens on the stage, occasionally people dance to video clips, less occasionally it goes nuts like that seen in the picture below.  The ticket includes unlimited drinks and 3.5 hour “show”.


The highlight of our trip to Quintana Roo has got to be our visits to the Cenotes (large fresh-water caves and caverns created by depressions in the limestone bedrock). There are thousands of cenotes located across this region, many different features.We  were lucky to experience swimming,  snorkeling and diving our way through these bad boys. Hiking,  zip lining, abseiling, rafting and driving quad bikes are all options in other cenotes.


Above is the cenote we snorkeled (Dos Ojos), which is cut into the side of a depression in the limestone. Others drop straight down out of the jungle. For more on the cenotes and better pics, check out my post about diving the cenotes.


And finally, whilst the rest of us were happy just to watch the sunset from dry-land, check out old-mate having the time of his life on this water jet-pack! Having blown our budget in the States we didn’t have a go of this one, but it would be about the only thing I would recommend going to Cancun for. All-inclusive resorts dominant the beach (which in fairness is a very nice beach) making it hard to access the actual water and killing any vibe outside their walled fences. Head north or south along the coastline for better towns/less tourists/cheaper prices and leave Cancun for spring break.


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