Word Lens App Review


What Word Lens Does Well

Don’t know the language where you are travelling? For better or worse, Word Lens could save you from eating a dish just a little too exotic for your tastes.

Word Lens seamlessly translates text, using your smart phones camera – and no internet is needed. It is much faster than typing in words into Google Translate.

Of course we also love that it comes as an app on your phone – and you won’t need to worry about carrying around any heavy translation books. Lightweight travel indeed.

For a better explanation than I can give check out this video.

What Word Lens  Does Not Do Well

One shortfall of Word Lens is that it can get a little confused as to where one words starts and another ends. If there is a medium to large word on the page you are trying to translate, Word Lens will likely find several small words within the larger word and get a little confused about which word it should be showing. So it will flicker between all the words it can find on the page. This means the use of Word Lens is for the most part not a smooth process and you will need to use logic to work out what is actually written on the page. This works okay for menus though because all you need to do is choose the words which are related to food.


In Summary

I wouldn’t get in the habit of relying on Word Lens to get around – but it can be excellent for helping you with menus,¬† signs and getting you out of a few sticky situations. And did I mention it is fun to use? It still needs a little more work to make it completely smooth, but perhaps that is just around the corner.

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