What To Pack For A Trip To Nicaragua


View over Granada, Nicaragua

Here is a list of things to consider packing for a trip to Nicaragua. The key for most travellers is probably to pack light, and not particularly fancy.

Things to Consider When Packing

  • It is likely you will be doing lots of outdoor nature based activities.
  • Most accommodation will likely have laundry services (or point you in the direction of one)
  • The rainy season lasts from May to November (and it gets wet, at least for part of the day).
  • A daypack or small backpack will be used often.
  • A pack cover for your backback can be useful to protect it from rain.
  • It is not okay to drink the water in Nicaragua (but bottled water is widely available).
  • U.S. dollars are widely accepted in tourist areas (which is most parts of the country).
  • Anything you are going to need you can probably buy in country – so don’t worry too much about forgetting something. However, the more time you plan on spending in the wilderness (and away from towns), the more you will need to plan ahead for what to bring.

But let’s get on with that list.

Gear to Consider Taking:

  • Daypack (and some way of keeping the daypack dry).
  • Medication: You can get medication in Nicaragua (and it is normally cheap) – but cheap medication can have nasty side effects. If you want medication that you know is going to get the job done, and with less side-effects, you are best off being it from home.
  • Sunscreen Okay, so you can buy this there, but for whatever reason they are really expensive. So if you want to feel like you are getting slightly less ripped off during your travels, bring some of your own from home.
  • Bug spray/Insect Repellent (same as above)
  • Bathing suit/Swimsuit
  • At least one pair of shorts
  • Hat for sun protection
  • Sunglasses
  • Flip Flops: Nicaragua is a pretty laid back sort of place for travellers – you are going to spend at least part of your travels chilling by the beach some place.
  • Sweater
  • Rain-jacket
  • Book
  • Headlamp or Flashlight In parts of Nicaragua power outages can be pretty common. In other places night hikes are popular, or maybe you are staying in a hostel dorm and you need to make an early start without waking up all of the other guests. Whichever it is, a headlamp or flashlight is handy.
  • Reusable water-bottle
  • Tennis shoes or light hiking boots
  • Valid passport
  • Drivers license (if renting a car)
  • Flashlight or headlamp (see Guide To Travel Flashlights)
  • First Aid Kit –If you are roughing it a bit, plan on doing some hiking off the beaten track
  • Camera
  • Binoculars (for a closer look at wildlife)
  • Travel-sized shampoo, conditioner and soap
  • Light Rain Gear – poncho, raincoat, or small umbrella
  • Plastic Bags – For wet cloths and/or shoes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Women: sarong (optional)
  • Quick dry long-sleeve shirt
  • Quick dry t-shirt(s)
  • Quick dry shorts
  • Lightweight windbreaker
  • Pocket alarm clock or watch with alarm
  • Plenty of camera memory
  • Rechargeable batteries/recharger for your camera
  • Anti-itch ointment
  • Toilet Paper: Who isn’t a fan of toilet paper? You might come to realise how much of a fan you are in Nicaragua, because it isn’t always available (even in places you might expect they would have some). Bring a small amount to fold away in a day pack (or buy it when you get there).
  • Earplugs
  • Beach towel
  • Place To Hide Some Money: Chances are you will need to be slightly more aware of  your valuables when travelling in Nicaragua than in your hometown. One of the best ways of make sure you don’t get robbed is to not provide any would be thieves with opportunity. And an excellent method for avoiding this opportunity is to keep your money hidden. Think a money belt, a neck wallet. These days there are many inventive ways for hiding your money. The other benefit is if you have your daypack/wallet stolen, you can still have a backup stash of money/bank card hidden on you.
  • Electric outlet adaptor
  • Field Guides
  • Rain Gear: It can get wet in Nicaragua, at any time of year but particularly during the wet season. It might also be handy to have a cover you can put over your backpack. Alternatively you can just buy a cheap poncho when you get there,  if you are somewhere urban than as soon it starts raining a whole bunch of entrepreneur will be out selling cheap rain gear. Do bring wet weather gear if you know you are going for multi-day hides in the wilderness and/or are travelling during the wet season.

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