7 Tips About Travel Insurance.

If you are like us, you probably buy travel insurance and just assume you are covered for whatever is to come. After 14 months on the road and some reading of the fine print it seems things are not so simple. Here are 7 points worth knowing about travel insurance:

  • You might be surprised how little adventurous activities are covered in travel insurance. For many, travel involves doing something adventurous, but you may be surprised that many of these activities are not including in travel insurance. SCUBA Diving for example, is generally not covered. If you hurt yourself SCUBA diving you will not covered and not be able to make claims of support from the insurance company. Read the fine print of your insurance to identify what exactly is and is not covered.
  • Does the government consider it safe to go? You may also be surprised to learn that your federal government may dictate where travel insurance operates. If your government has issued a travel warning for a location, insurance companies likely will not cover you if you travel in those regions. So it is worth keeping an eye on where exactly the government considers it safe to travel. The coffee region of Colombia, for example, a reasonably popular place for visitors to the country, is not covered safe by several federal governments and therefore insurance companies would not insure your travels in this region.
  • Already have health insurance? If you do, it is worth checking to see whether it covers travel abroad. Some do.
  •  You need proof. If you are putting in a claim with your travel insurance company they will generally require some proof that the event occurred. If for example, you are claiming on some travel gear that is damaged, they are likely to require proof of purchase (a receipt or bank statement), proof of lose/damage (quote from repair of how much to fix) and proof you were travelling (copy of passport stamps) and of course some knowledge of how the event occurred. It is worth keeping in this in mind whilst you are travelling (keep those receipts of your travel gear).
  •  Personal Liability: Bear in in mind travel insurance doesn’t usually cover liability while you’re driving (including cars, motorbikes, boats) so make sure you’ve got appropriate cover elsewhere if want it.
  •  Read the fine print. If you are going on a long trip, I would recommend reading the fine print. It generally doesn’t take that long to read and spells on what you will and won’t be covered for.
  •  People love to quote the saying ‘If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel’. But is that 100% true? I feel it may depend on where you are travelling to and what you plan on doing there. Many people live their lives with no health insurance when living in their home country, so it is always necessary when you travel? If travelling in risky areas or locations where health care is expensive, I am sure it is great advice. But if you are travelling in countries where health cover is cheap, even for tourists, should you allow a lack of travel insurance to stop you from going? That is to say, there are some situations where it may be okay to not have travel insurance and you shouldn’t always let a lack of insurance stop you from travelling.

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