Travel Tips For Ecuador


Marine Iguana (Photo Credit: Blinking Idiot/flickr)

Why Ecuador?

Ecuador is a country where you can visit the Amazon Rainforest one day and climb a snow-peaked volcano the next. Shortly after that you could be sailing around the Galapagos Islands or visiting a village high in the Andes. For a small place, Ecuador has an amazingly diverse landscape and scenery, which makes it a great place if you want to easily and quickly travel between some truly unique landscapes.


Travel Tips:

  • The beauty of Ecuador can be found in its outdoors, so it is probably best to prioritise trips to these areas over visits to the cities.
  • Ecuador has some of the best and worst roads in South America – some roads are shocking and will take longer to travel along than you might expect.
  • The official language of Ecuador is Spanish.
  • Don’t flush your toilet paper after use, put it in the bin provided. Otherwise some poor person may have to unblock the toilet after you have left.


Money Tips:

  • Trips to the Galapagos can be expensive, but if you follow the tips outlined in this article you might save some money (if you stay on the Island instead of spending a week sailing around the islands).
  • The official currency of Ecuador is the  U.S Dollar.
  • It is always handy to have small change and notes on you, as many shops and transport options may not have change for large denominations.


Health And Safety Tips:

  • If you are travelling by bus be aware that Ecuador has a poor reputation when it comes to theft on buses. Putting your bag under your seat may allow people behind you to steal items without you notice (your lap is better). Pay particular attention if you are travelling at night.
  • Do not drink the tap water in Ecuador. It is reasonably common for Hotels and Hostels to provide purified water. Bottled water is readily available or you may boil the water, before drinking.


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