Top Things To Do In El Salvador


Surfers at El Tunco

Surfers at El Tunco

Best Attractions In El Salvador:

  • Santa Ana Volcano – Santa Ana is the highest (2,381 m) and most active volcano in El Salvador. The volcano has an especially impressive summit, with a series of concentric crater rings and a sulfurous lake sitting in its crater. If you have never been hiking with to two armed security guards, this might be your chance to do it.
  • Stuff Your Face In Juayúa – Juayúa is a small colonial town surrounded by volcanoes. It is popular for travellers because of it’s weekly food festival (held every weekend).  Juayúa is located along the Ruta de las Flores (see below). There is also an interesting waterfall/swimming hole just outside of town.
Juayúa Food Festival

Juayúa Food Festival

  • Ruta de Las Flores – Ruta de Las Flores is a 36km-long winding route through old colonial towns in the heart of El Salvador’s coffee region.  Get off along the way and you can enjoy waterfalls, zip-lining, mountain biking, horseback riding, arts, crafts, markets and some good eats. Bus 249 run regularly along this route, towns along the way include Sonsonate, Ahuachapán, Juayúa, Apaneca and Ataco.
  • Surfing Towns (La Libertad, El Tunco and surrounds) – Popular destinations for surfers, those looking to learn, or non-surfers looking to take it pretty easy for awhile. Home to some of the best surf in Central America, people from all over visit to surf here. Beaches are not picturesque, but they do grow on you. It gets hot along this coast so stay in a place that has a pool (which is luckily most places). Read More Here.
Brew In El Tunco

Brew In El Tunco

  • El Imposible National Park (Parque Nacional El Imposible) –  Tropical forest located in the far west of the country. El Imposible National Park is considered the most biodiverse region of El Salvador, the park is home to Pumas and other animals such as the Oncilla (similar to an Ocelot).
  • Civil War Museum (Museo de la Revolución Salvadoreña) A  small war museum in the east of the country, focusing on the civil war in El Salvdaor during the 1980’s. The museum is located near the town of Perquín.
  • Montecristo Cloud ForestMontecristo is the biggest, and some say the best, cloud forest in Central America. One of the best places in El Salvador to see many different species of plants and wildlife.
  • San Salvador – The capital city of El Salvador. One of the most attractive cities in Central America and also one of the most dangerous.
  • Santa Ana – Is the second largest city in El Salvador, home to some of the best architecture in El Salvador. Bit of a hub for inter-connecting transport, so you may need to change buses here. Good place from which to get to Volcan Santa Ana.


Map of El Salvador Travel Destinations:

 Map Of El Salvador Travel Destinations

Map Of El Salvador Travel Destinations

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