The Haunted History of New Orleans

Zombies, witches and ghosts oh my! There isn’t much to do with the Occult that you won’t find in New Orleans. We decided to get a crash course by joining the Haunted History Tour and walking the streets of New Orleans.

Reverend Zombies Voodoo Shop

Reverend Zombies Voodoo Shop

A fascination with the paranormal is considered a healthy past-time in New Orleans and many a visitor can be forgiven for getting caught up in the darkly spiritual atmosphere cultivated here by the locals. While some is just for show to entertain tourists – Palm Readers in Jackson Square (a $25 disappointment from Miss Cindy), costumed devils posing for photos, voodoo daiquiris – New Orleans does in fact have a rich and true history that will tickle anyone’s supernatural senses.

Will the non-believer and myself the I-want-to-believe-believer joined the nightly New Orleans History & Ghost Tour in the hopes of learning about the supernatural town history and possibly even experience our own sighting to turn us both into definite-believers.

The walking tour centres around the historic French Quarter and departs nightly from the famous Rev. Zombie’s Voodoo Shop – we knew we were off to a good start already with that name. Our knowledgable tour guide, Eugenia led our group through the streets stopping every few blocks for us to line up along the curb as she would point out a building and embark on the spooky story of that residence. Eugenia has a real flair for the theatrics and easily draws you into the tale, mixing just the right amount of truth and history with the paranormal.


The haunted LaLaurie Mansion

I won’t give away the stories that are told but I will say that the tour climaxes with the true story of Madame Lalaurie – an 1800’s New Orleans socialite and physician – who was revealed to have kept slaves imprisoned in order to perform sadistic medical experiments upon. One slave is said to have undergone a crude sex-change while another had been scalped and kept conscious.

After Lalaurie and her husband were driven out of town by an angry mob intent on their murder the house was sold and resold several times housing numerous different institutions, each encountering their own paranormal experiences. We walked past this place several times after we learned of it’s history and each time it gave me the heebie jeebies.

The tour finished with our knowledge of New Orleans history a little richer, Will still skeptical and myself a little more hopeful. While our beliefs haven’t been changed we had a fascinating night of story-telling and would recommend it whether you’re a believer or not.


Quick Info – New Orleans Haunted History Tour

Price: US$20 per person plus tip
Duration: 2 hours
Details: Book your spot on either the 6pm or 8pm tour from Rev. Zombie’s Voodoo Shop at 723 St. Peters St

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