SteriPEN Pre-Filter Options


SteriPEN Pre-Filter Options

If you have read any of my posts on SteriPENs, you will have realised that this series of products does not filter sediment out of the water.

Furthermore, the SteriPEN products are designed for use in CLEAR water (it is less effective at purifying water with sediment in it).

So both in terms of increasing the pleasantness of your drinking water and increasing the effectiveness of the SteriPEN, it is wise to have an option which allows you to Pre-Filter the water before subjecting to the UV light of the SteriPEN (perhaps the most effective method is to choose carefully where you source your water from, attempt to source clear water in the first place).

So here are your options (free and cheap options covered first, why spend money when you don’t have too):

Option 1: Bandana or Cloth

A reasonably popular method, has a nice rustic feel to it – just overlap the bandana over the top of your water bottle a few times. Some users complain this method takes to long for the water to filter through. Also I don’t trust this method overly much in situations where the sediment is really fine silt/dirt.

Option 2: Coffee Filter

Just purchase a cheap re-usable coffee filter and you are good to go. Personally I have never tried this as the coffee filter I take with me is for coffee only. Again some people report that such filter are too fine and it takes too long to filter the water.

Option 3: Let the sediment settle to the bottom

Remember though, that you are supposed to agitate the water/water bottle a little whilst the SteriPEN is doing it’s UV purifying thing (to ensure a consistent purification throughout all of the water). Personally I would only rely on this method if you didn’t have access to any of the other options. Or, if you have two water bottles, you can let the sediment settle in one and then only pour the top 3/4 of the water from this bottle into the second bottle.

Option 4: SteriPEN Fits All Filter

SteriPEN FitsAll Fiter removes particulates from water. Use alone or to ready water for treatment with a SteriPEN handheld, UV water purifier. Easily adapts to use with a variety of bottles. For narrow-mouth bottles, use the funnel and filter cup; just the filter cup for wider mouth bottles. Includes long-lasting, SteriPEN Filter Cartridge to remove particles greater than 40 microns. Replacement Filter Cartridges available separately. Versatile and lightweight. Nests for easy storage. Rugged, flexible material allows it to stow away compactly and snap back to shape when unpacked. Easy to use; place in bottle opening and immerse in water or pour water through. Water can be purified with SteriPEN in same water bottle.

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Option 5: SteriPen Water Bottle Pre-Filter

SteriPEN Pre-Fiter removes particulates from water. Use alone or to ready water for treatment with a SteriPEN handheld, UV water purifier. SteriPEN Pre-Filter fits the openings of Nalgene and comparable wide-mouth water bottles and can be stored on bottle. Features a durable 40-micron filter cartridge to remove particulates from water when filling bottle by submerging or pouringwater into filter. Makes purification easy – insert SteriPEN handheld UV water purifier into center of Pre-Filter, turn bottle upside down and agitate to treat water. SteriPEN Pre-Filter stores easily the your Nalgene bottle when you’re on the go.

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At the end of the day you can always filter out the really big stuff with your teeth as your drinking it down…


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