Movies to watch whilst travelling around South America

Devils Miner
The Devil’s Miners A documentary that follows a young old boy that works in the extremely harsh conditions of the silver mines of Potosi (in Bolivia). An amazing look at the life of Miners (especially of the children) who risk their safety in the hopes of higher wages and a better life. Once the richest mine in the world and the resting place for an estimated 6-8 million miners.

the motorcycle diaries
The Motorcycle Diariesthe story of two medical students on a 5 month journey across South America. Based on the real-life travels of revolutionary figure Che Guevara.


180 South
180 Degrees South – is a documentary that follows the adventure of a group of friends as they travel to Patagonia in the spirit of their hero’s. They pack their surfboards and climbing gear as they sail and drive along the South American coast, learning about the losing battle against industrialization and the destruction of the natural world. Modern commercial interests fed by the growing human consumption of disposable goods is ruining our planet, and the film shows what some brave people are doing to try and stop it. The movie’s beautiful scenery and fantastic soundtrack mix together with a strong message and travel adventure to create a true work of art.


Que Tan Lejos – (How Much Further) is set in Ecuador, as Esperanza and Tristeza try to get from the capital city of Quito to the town of Cuenca. It is normally a 5 hour bus ride. The two women decide to hitchhike when local strikes force their bus to stop. One girl is a local trying to stop the love of her life from getting married, while the other is a tourist from Spain. Along the way, they learn from each other while meeting interesting people who help them re-evaluate the purpose of their journeys. The film is filled with beautiful scenery from Ecuador, and gives an authentic portrayal of life in that country.

City of God

City of God – A movie about growing up in the rough neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro. It follows two boys that take separate paths, one becomes a photographer, the other a drug dealer. Also one of the highest rated movies on IMDB. – For more movies check out this link, especially  movies  featuring Central and South American indigenous communities.

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