How To Take Great Travel Photos


  • Appreciate that photography has a LOT to do with light – don’t just look for subject matter – look for the right light.
  • With that in mind, learn to love the hour around sunrise and sunset.
  • Take photos early in your trip (whilst things are still new, fresh and amazing).


  • Find unique angles – don’t take all your photos from 5-6ft off the ground.
  • Take your camera with you always – the best photos are the ones you weren’t expecting to capture


  • Get photos of people – photos with people in them often make the most interesting photos. Learn how to say, can I take your photo/portrait in the language of the place you are visiting.
  • Compose your photos with thought – learn about the rule of thirds, where points of interest lie along these lines


  • Then learn when to ignore the rule of thirds
  • Limit your use of the flash – seriously
  • And finally, have a few tricks up your sleeve
  1. By taking 10-20 of the exact same scene with your camera on a tripod – you can use computer software to merge these photos and remove any stray people walking through your shot.


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