How to Conserve Water whilst Hiking

Before The Hike

  • Avoid too much salt, alcohol, or caffeine in the lead up the hike
  • Carry adequate water with a safety margin, but not an excessive amount (the extra weight means you work harder)
  • Pick routes that have more shade, such as creeks, north sides of hills, and forested areas
  • Drink a decent amount of water before heading out on the hike

During The Hike

  • Perform only necessary activity
  • Work and walk during the coolest parts of the day, usually early morning before the sun rises
  • Rest in the shade, on grass or by bushes for more cooling from their release of water vapor
  • Only eat if you also have water to drink – food takes water to digest
  • Avoid sweating (which can happen even in cold weather). Exertion will make you sweat
  • Going on from above, maintain an even pace without exerting yourself too much
  • Wear lighter colored clothes
  • Smoking,  drinking alcohol and eating fatty foods will require you consume extra water
  • Hike during the early morning and evening when the sun is less direct and the temperature is cooler
  • If you are carrying a water bottle, try keeping it slightly hidden from view so that you don’t  drink more often than necessary

When You Are Thirsty

  • Don’t wait until you’re thirsty until you drink — you’ll drink more than you have to

Obtaining Water

  • Know your route and where water will be available
  • If you will have access to a water sources during your travels, consider taking a water filter/purification device – as they are far lighter than having to carrying water supplies (though you should always carry at least some water supply on you)

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