Guide To Travel Headlamps


Guide To Travel Headlamps

Much more convenient to have your hands free and the light always pointing where you look.

Why Is A Headlamp Useful When Traveling?

Ultimately you never know quite what you are going to be getting up to when traveling, but you want to make sure you can be in on the action – and some of the best adventures can be done at night. Plus you never know what you are going to be up against, headlamps offer a cheap, light and hands free option of always knowing you will have light. But more specifically you might need a headlamp for:

  • For night/cave hiking and adventures
  • So you always have light, even in parts of the world prone to brown outs and black outs
  • Getting around your tent (or just generally getting around) when camping
  • For getting in and our of your dorm room late at night

What Should You Look For In A Headlamp?

Here are a few pointers to look out for when choosing a great headlamp:

  • Brightness: At its source, how intensely the light glows
  • Beam Distance: How far the light actually reaches
  • Settings/Modes: Headlamps with several brightness levels are exceptionally handy
  • Run time (battery life): How long a light projects usable light (at its lowest setting)
  • Weight: Many headlamps weigh between 3 and 6 oz.; high-intensity models will weigh more
  • Direction: Get a headlamp that’s direction can be altered. You want a headlamp that can point downwards (so you can see where you are going and doesn’t just blind all your other travelers)
  • Sturdy: At least water resistant for night hikes when you are caught in the rain

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