Finding Wifi in the Margaret River, Western Australia


This post lists a bunch of places you can access Wifi in the Margaret River Region of  Western Australia, mostly free but sometimes not!

Margaret River Bookshop – Little bookshop on the main drag of town, opposite the IGA. A couple of seats and a place to plug in electronics near the front window. Charges about $3 per hour.

Margaret River Woolworths – A new flash looking Woolworths has opened up in town, on the corner of Willmott Avenue and Town View Terrace. The Woolworths has a decent Wifi signal, free of charge, but nowhere really to sit (except one bench and the floor) and no places to plug in your electronics (so take a full battery).

Margaret River Hotel – On the corner of the Bussell Highway and Willmott Avenue sits Margaret River Hotel. Free Wifi for customers. Can grab a meal or beer at the same time as using the Wifi. A bit more fancy than some of the other places listed here.

Drift Café – Just off the corner of the Bussell Highway and Willmott Avenue sits Drift Cafe. Stylish little café with friendly owners. Free Wifi for customers.

White Elephant Café – On the beach at Gnarabup sits the White Elephant Café. Gnarebup is amongst the closest of beaches to Margaret River. Free Wifi for customers. Of the places listed here, must have the best view. Not sure there are any places to plug in electronics.

Margaret River Library – Up behind the Brumbies in the middle of town sit the Margaret River Library. At $2.75 per 15 minutes of internet, it is probably the most expensive in the town. Nice and quiet and good tables to sit at, if you do need to get some work done.

Corner Cafe, Internet Cafe – This place is no longer open.


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