Fenix MC11 Flashlight Review


Fenix, the leaders in compact and rugged travel flashlights/torches have introduced the unique MC11. This flashlight is designed for multi-purpose use. The MC11 can tail stand, be hung from a lanyard, or clipped to a hat brim and pack strap. These features make it the ideal light for setting up camp, reading in the tent or navigating dimly lit trails. If you are looking for a versatile rugged little light the MC11 is the perfect choice.


  • Max 87 Lumens output powered by single AA battery
  • 4 inch body with 90 degree tilting head
  • Runtime = Low: 53 hours, Medium: 6 hrs, 14 mins, High: 1 hrs 43 mins
  • Distance = 285ft / 87 metres
  • Five settings/modes
  • Waterproof to 2m

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Fenix MC11 Flashlight 2


  • 90 degree tilting head (unique rotating head design)
  • Small enough to fit in your pocket
  • Light enough to clip onto other objects (i.e. your pocket)


What Customers Have Said

“First of all, you must now, this light is very, very small. Pocketsize. I didnt realize that at first. But I keep it in my truck for emergencies and like it very much. The light beam is very strong. Very convenient flashlight.” – B Lewis

“Until I bought this light, I didn’t realize just how convenient the angled format really is. I guess the military has known this for a long time…their flashlights have sported the 90-degree design forever. I mean, just holding it in your fist with a straight wrist points it in the same direction that an extended index finger would point. Like my other three Fenix lights, this one is well-built, and the beam is well formed” – Rick Woodsbiker

“This is probably the best angle flashlight out there right now. Recently, I installed a new stereo in my truck and had this clipped onto my hat and used it like a headlamp. I would rather carry one light that can have multiple functions (handlight, headlamp, clipped onto your front shirt pocket for handfree light). The adjustable head is really good, giving a loud audible click when adjusted.” – Ben

Product In Use

Fenix MC11 Flashlight  Fenix MC11 Flashlight 1

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