El Salvador Travel Tips

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Why El Salvador?

El Salvador is a bit off the tourist trail with no clear destinations that all tourists are likely to visit. The one place in country where you are sure to find tourists gathering is on it’s western beaches. These beaches are considered the best in Central America for surfing and draw surfers from far and wide. El Salvador is great for getting off the tourist trail, the fact that it is a bit off the tourist track is an attraction in unto itself.  Because it is a small country, it is an easy and cheap place to get around on the chicken bus network.

Places To Visit

Here is a map to show where some of the more common travel destinations in El Salvador are located. The backpacker route highlighted on the map can undertaken by bus, and in El Salvador Chicken buses are a pretty handy way to get around. If you are in Guatemala and looking to check out some of El Salvador’s beaches, there are plenty of tourist buses that shoot over the border from Antigua and Guatemala City.

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Map Of El Salvador Travel Destinations

Map Of El Salvador Travel Destinations

Travel Tips

  • El Salvador is an easy and cheap place to get around. The country is small and the chicken bus network does a pretty good job of connecting each of cities and towns.  Many routes lead to Santa Ana or San Salvador.
  • Chicken buses are a cheap way to get around, at about $1 for each hour of travel.
  • Do not drink the tap water in El Salvador. It is reasonably common for Hotels and Hostels to provide purified water.
  • The official language of El Salvador is Spanish. It is not too difficult to get around El Salvador with only limited Spanish.
  • The official currency of El Salvador is the U.S Dollar.
  • Don’t flush your toilet paper after use, put it in the bin provided. Otherwise some poor person may have to unblock the toilet after you have left.
  • It is always handy to have small change and notes on you, as many shops and transport options may not have change for large denominations.


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