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Best Attractions In Bolivia:

  • La Paz – Administrative capital of Bolivia which sits within a  canyon high in the Andes. Hectic would a good way to describe La Paz, especially in busy downtown. There are plenty of unique sights on offer around La Paz (Witches Markets, Cholitas Wrestling, Death Road, The Worlds Highest Gold Course, Coca Museum and the San Pedro Prison are just some). If you are up for something a little different, and don’t mind the chaotic – you will love La Paz.
  • Sucre – The constitutional capital of Bolivia, and a complete contrast to administrative capital (La Paz), things move slowly in Sucre. Most visitors come to learn Spanish, enjoy it’s historical and picturesque city centre, and make the most of it’s cheap and laid-back lifestyle.
  • Salt Flats (Salar De Uyuni) – For an out-of-this-world destination, try Salar De Uyuni. 3-4 day tours through the worlds largest  salt flat, hotels made of bricks of salt (you can lick the walls to verify they are legit), some of the driest deserts in the world, and lakes of pink, green and blue. And throw in some great photo opportunities on the salt flats.
Photo opportunities on Salar De Uyuni

Photo opportunities on Salar De Uyuni

  • Pampas (via the town of Rurrenabaque)The Pampas are a large wetland located adjacent to the Amazon Rainforest, famous for its abundance of wildlife. Unlike the rainforest, there are less trees so it is much easier to wildlife – which is what visits here are all about. Visitors have to opportunity to get up close and personal with anacondas, river dolphins, monkeys, tampir, capybara and plenty of others creatures.
  • Amazon Rainforest (via Rurrenabaque) – Not quite as popular as the Pampas as there is less wildlife on offer, but probably closer to what you imagine when you picture the Amazon. Spend a few days camping in basic structures or tents amongst the forest. Go for hikes, sample the food of the jungle, learn which trees can be used as medicine, fish in the rivers and generally live like Bear Grylls for a few days. Highly recommended if you done mind roughing it a little.
Death Road, Outside of La Paz

Death Road, Outside of La Paz

  • Potosi (Cerro Rico) / Mine Tours – Home to one of the richest silver mines in history and still mined to this day though virtually all of the wealth has since been removed. Today’s miners work in terrible conditions, carving out a meager and risky lifestyle. Tourists usually stop here to or from visiting the Salt Flats (Salar De Uyuni) to do a tour of the mines (which last 2-3 hours) and are a very humbling experience.
  • Lake Titicaca / Isla Del Sol – Famous as the highest navigable lake in the world and the place where Incas believed their Sun God was created. Nice place to stop on the way to or from La Paz and Peru.


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