4 Great WiFi Cafes In Antigua, Guatemala

Free wifi isn’t hard to come by in Antigua – free wifi in a cafe with nice atmosphere, good bandwidth and great coffee… now that’s something to write home about. During our stay in Antigua we got some serious work done in these 4 wifi cafes that I’m willing to share now that we’ve moved on.

Luna De Miel

Luna De Miel

Recommended for… students studying Spanish

This wifi spot advertises itself to have the ‘worst rooftop terrace in Antigua’, which I assume is just to keep it a well-kept secret. Although the view from the terrace is the standard ‘a-mah-zing’ in Antigua, the atmosphere and seating options set this rooftop terrace apart. You’ll find a younger crowd populating the hammocks and bean bags here and if you have a penchant for crepes then Luna De Miel is definitely worth a visit with a menu consisting solely of sweet and savoury crepes (and a few salads).


El Portal Cafe

Recommended for… catching up on emails over a morning coffee

It’s hard to miss El Portal across from the Central Parque with it’s large store-front that faces out onto the bustling street. This can provide great entertainment when seated inside and you find your mind wandering away from work. Great coffee and sweet treats with a range of sandwich and panini options. Watch out for the local Skype-hogs that steal the bandwidth here though, you may find your wifi a little slower than you’d like.


La Casaca

Recommended for… a full day’s work without distractions

Located next to El Portal this cafe can easily be overlooked with it’s small frontage. A quick peek through the doorway reveals two tables and standing room only as you try to order your fresh fruit smoothie through the crowd. Venture further inside however and you’ll find a back room, second story and rooftop terrace. With large rustic tables, cushioned couches and bookish atmosphere, La Casaca was my favourite place to plug in and rack up some billable hours. The atmosphere is so peaceful you can even lie back and take a little snooze during your break.

Lava Terrace Bar

Lava Terrace Bar

Recommended for… making your Skype friends jealous of the view behind you

A favourite with the local ex-pat community, this popular bar is surprisingly quiet during the day, making it a great spot to get some work done before – as they claim – the ‘best Happy Hour in Central America’. With Q5 (approx 60 cents) standard drinks between 5pm and 6pm I’d say they’d be right. If the cheap alcohol doesn’t get your creative juices flowing then the view of the volcano and central church on the rooftop terrace will. An all round great place to knock off the work week with a few drinks on a Friday arvo.

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