26 Great Gift Ideas for Travellers

They like to travel as a backpacker – you are not  quite sure what they get up to on the road, so what to get them as a gift? Here is some gift ideas for the traveller.

Leatherman Wave Multi Tool

Consistently voted the best Pocket/Leatherman by, well – everyone. Excellent selection of tools, strong and sturdy – choice price. Check it out here.    Leatherman WaveBlack Head Diamond Headlamp

Headlamps are super helpful for backpackers, and you can do much better than this Black Head Diamond. Check it out here.

Black Head Diamond

GoPro 3 Black Edition

Capture and share your life’s most meaningful experiences. Smaller, lighter and the best imagery of all the GoPro’s to date. Comes with a remote as well which is priceless in comparison to other GoPro Editions. Check it out here.

Go Pro Black EditionPacking Cubes

Most long term travellers can’t agree on what is necessary to take traveling, but these packing cubes are something most will agree are a life-saver. Check it out here.

    Packing CubesWall Map To Record They Have Travelled

Scratch Map is brilliant. Its the perfect way to show off where you’ve been traveling while livening up your wall with a colourful world map. Scratch Map is a amazingly high quality, uber massive wall map, featuring a gold top foil layer. Why. Because you get a unique, slick looking gold wall map to start with, and then scratch off all the places you’ve visited to reveal a whole new world below, featuring colour and geographical detail. The result is a totally unique and personalised world map. What a great gift. Comes packaged in a slick tube, the ultimate in Travel gifts. Comes in Normal (pictured) and Deluxe versions.

Wall Paper

Help Them Plan Their Next Big Adventure

Want to know where to discover a spectacular tropical paradise? How about journeying to the world’s greatest natural wonders, or taking the road trip of a lifetime? 1000 Ultimate Experiences brings together 1000 ideas, places and activities sure to inspire and entertain. Check it out here.

Being A Digital Nomad – Making It Anywhere

Be a Digital Nomad contains the lessons two successful Digital Nomads learnt in the year in which they quit our jobs, lived in 23 homes on three continents, and built a business that now makes more than double they as employees. Check it out here.

Making It AnywhereParacord Grenade

Carabiner “grenade” survival kit pull with tin foil, tinder, fire starter, fishing lines, fishing hooks, weights, swivels, dobber, knife blade wrapped in 500 lb paracord. Check it out here.

Paracord Grenade

Pacsafe Travelsafe 100 Anti-Theft Portable Safe

Designed for storing a small collection of your valuables whist travelling. Or rather a collection of your small valuables (small camera, passport, wallet etc) – and deter casual thieves. The Pacsafe 100 is made of a sturdy combination of canvas and high-tensile stainless steel wire, which makes for a great combination for stopping all but the most committed thieves from getting at your things. Check it out here.

Pacsafe 100

Fenix E11 Flashlight

The Fenix E11 LED Waterproof Flashlight is a portable and durable flashlight. Sturdy, Compact and Bright. Fits our philosophy of backpacking light. Check it out here.

Fenix E11 Flashlight - Copy

SteriPEN Freedom Water Purifer

SteriPENs are compact handheld UV water purifiers designed for taking into the outdoors. The Freedom is the smallest and most lightweight model of the SteriPEN series – it can purify a litre of water in 90 seconds. Check it out here.

SteriPEN Freedom7

All Clear Purifier Water Bottle

The All Clear Purifier is one of the best purifiers you can get, it easy simple but effective.  Just fill the bottle, press a button and rotate the bottle for a minute, and you will have a great water to drink. The bottle will even let you know if the purification process failed. It is also effective because it is an all in one unit, the water purification and water storage components come together – so it is easy to store, carry and keep track of. Check it out here.

Sea to Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack

Excellent for keeping dry and compressing your gear such as travel clothes, cold weather gear or sleeping bag. These sacks allow for air to be pushed out of the bag when being compressed but won’t allow for water to enter the bag. Check it out here.

Dry Compression Gear Sea to Summit

Loaded Kings Drinking Game

Add in some friends and alcohol and you have the ultimate drinking game, perfect icebreaker and way to make new friends. Similar to Kings Cup, Ring of Fire, and Circle of Death, Loaded Kings.  Since each card is 100% waterproof, you’ll never have to stress over accidental spills. Easy to travel with as they take up very little space. Please enjoy this game responsibly and check it out here.

They are frequently on the road traveling, so what are some good gift ideas?

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife

A classic, but still a winner. Full of useful tools for the traveller, small, good quality and cheap. Useful no matter what type of traveller they are. Check it out here.

Let Them Re-Live Their Adventures

Let them re-live their adventures with a digital photo frame. Check it out here.

Digital Picture Frame

Portable Solar Panel Charger

The environmentally friendly way for them to charge their various electronic devices. Check it out here.

Rugged Hard-driveFenix E11 Flashlight

The Fenix E11 LED Waterproof Flashlight is a portable and durable flashlight. Sturdy, Compact and Bright. Check it out here.

EatSmart Precision  Digital Luggage Scales

Luggage light enough to get passed the airline staff? This fella will help. Check it out here.

Weighing Machine

Fixed 7 Inch Blade Knife (with Fire Starter)

7 inch long stainless steel blade knife, equipped with green cord-wrapped handle, nylon sheath and magnesium-alloy fire starter. Check it out here.

Outdoor Fixed Blade Knife 7 Overall WITH FIRE STARTER

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