10 Signs You Are Staying In A Latin American Love Hotel

Latin American Love Hotel

For reasons I am not going to go into here, Love Hotels are popular in Latin America.

In some towns they are more common than ordinary hotels or might be the only place you can find for the night.

Other times their true intentions may be a little too subtle for the untrained eye, a problem if you are just looking for a good nights rest and walk in alone

So –

10 Signs You are Staying In A Latin American Love Hotel

•  The hotel charges for rooms by the hour
•  The person behind the counter snickers when you walk in by yourself
•  The person behind the counter especially snickers when you walk in by yourself and ask for a room for the entire night
•  The only thing sold behind the counter is a ton of condoms
•  There are no common areas and you never see any of the other guests
•  You continually hear guests arriving and leaving
•  It sounds like somebody is moving the furniture in the room above you at 2am in the morning
•  After initially snickering at you, the person at reception takes pity that you have come to their establishment all alone and is especially kind to you
•  Oh yeah, there is a stripper pole in the corner of the room
•  When you finally run into another guest, they look at you strangely when you ask them how their stay is going

If on the other  hand you are on the look out of a Love Hotel, most can be identified by neon lights and are located in parts of the town which offers you some anonymity.

This post is dedicated to the wonderful staff at The Red Room Love Hotel, San Isidro, Costa Rica. Keep on keeping on.

Room of Latin American Love Hotel

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